Harvey & Julie Snitzer's  1950 Champion Starlight Coupe  &  1971 Avanti II - 350

Sandra Studebaker and her 1962 Studebaker Lark Sedan.

Ron& Myrna Bush's 1984 Studemino

Sandra displayed her Lark at a local car show on IDYSD, September 9, 2017.

A photographer there took these great photos of her and her car.

HB & Norma Calder's '63 R2.5 Avanti 5-Speed

Chuck & Rachel Plymale's 1950 Studebaker Pick-Up

Dan Hess's '59 Lark Regal VIII 2-dr hdtp

Gardon's 1940 Champion Taxi

Tom & Vida Parker's 1964 Cruiser

John Begian's 1963 GT R2 "Super" Hawk

Mel & Judy Hoeft's 1962 Champ Pickup Truck

Bill & Barb Krueger's 1963 Avanti R1

Dick Cattrysse's 1965 Commander Sedan

Western Lake Erie Chapter Members

and their Pride'n'Joy Classic Rides

Farewell to our dear, friend and fellow SDC- WLEC'ers, Carl & Marylynn Danielsen

They were long time chapter members who enjoyed hosting events at their log home in Metamora, MI. They were most happy when taking part in family & SDC events.

                               RIP: Carl 9-15-17

                                      Marylynn 2-15-17


Farewell to our dear, friend and fellow SDC- WLEC'er, Jay Jordan

He was a big man with a big heart and will be missed by all who knew him. RIP: 4-22-16


A Memorial To WLEC Members who have recently passed.

Gardon's '63 Avanti

 Don Siegla's 1978 Avanti II

(Don is a long time WLEC Member, now residing in N.Carolina)

We Miss You Don!



Jerry & Pam Flegal's 1950 Champion Business Coupe

Scott & Lee Burgy's 1980 Avanti II - 350

My WLEC Haiku
By Sandra Anne Studebaker

Hey there Sandy girl!
Are you “coming or going?”
teased my male classmates.

In those early fifties
they knew of the “bullet nose.”
I knew naught, but yearned

My connection to
those Studebakers to know,
then later value.

Family, then cars.
Clement, 8th generation
2nd cousin -- WOW!

Love my Stude Lark.
Restored for me by son Curt.
What more could I ask!

But wait, there is more--
WLEC membership
and Stude lovers!

Dave & Donna Piper's '63 Avanti R2

Neil & Robin Loughlin's '64 Daytona Hardtop & Convertible

Bonnie Swetman's 1983 Avanti II

Sandra Studebaker's 1962 Lark Sedan

Warren & Kathy Godlew's 1962 GT Hawk

Andy & Opal Weir's 1963 Avanti R2

Tom & Rosanne Bloomer's 1956 2E5 Stake Truck

Steve & Deb Rohde's  1951 Champion Sedan

Fred & Donna Birdsell's 1964 Avanti R1

Mike & Deborah Polasky's 1952 Champion Sedan

Gary & Alanna Taylor's 1962 GT Hawk

Disclaimer: The WLEC Member's Vehicles shown below are NOT in alphabetical order. 

The reason for this is for you to have fun looking at all of our vehicles to find your own.

Farewell to our dear, dear friend and fellow SDC- WLEC'er, Ray Windecker.

His smiling face and wit will be missed by all who knew him. RIP: 9-4-13


Bob & Virginia Walby's 1927 Special Six Roadster 

Larry & Patricia Gardon's 1937 Dictator Rumble Seat Coupe and their 1931 President State Sedan and their 1955 President Speedster

Keith & Helen Collins's 1961 Champ P/U Trk

Bill & Sue Volz's 1963 Daytona Wagonaire

Jerry & Peg Mitchell's 1949 Champion Sedan

Bill Peacocke's 1964 GT Hawk

Farewell to our dear, friend and fellow SDC- WLEC'er, Jack Smith

He was a Studebaker Mobil Gas Economy Run engineer before he became the well known "father" of the Road Runner at Chrysler. He will be remember by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. RIP: 9-15-17


These are the two SNM (Studebaker Nat'l Museum) vehicles that the WLEC has adopted.

Jim Pfleger's & Rita Bunting's '63 Lark.

Jim Pfleger's & Rita Bunting's 1960 Champ Pick-Up Truck

Paul White's '50 2R5 Pickup Truck (R2 Powered)

Homer Hinchliff's 1953 Commander Cpe

(One of MANY in Homer's Stude Fleet)

Joe & Bev Papai's 1976 Avanti II - 400

Craig Deffenbaugh's 1950 Champion 9G Coupe