1963 Avanti, Gold, $18,500.  Pat Macoska, Cleveland, OH, phone 734-669-6075 (Submitted by Dennis Berry per email from Pat who used to show the car around Ann Arbor area.)  (8/06/17)  

Overdrive T-96 transmission from a low-mileage 59-s Lark, complete with all controls, $125.00. OD T-96 transmission with adapter to a 194 Chevy (66 Stude) bell housing, $75.00.  Contact David Holtz, holzkopf@sbcglobal.net  or phone: 810-229-4665.  (10/06/17)   

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1962 Champ Pickup Truck for sale, $3,850 obo.

The 6-Cylinder OHV Engine had a complete overhaul <200 miles ago. 4-Speed Transmission. Was an upper New York State working farm truck. Body has usual fender & door rot. It is titled and shows 92,733 miles (believed to be original). It is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Contact: Michael Doman, 734/497-9407 or michaelbdoman@gmail.com