A CaptainVideo YouTube Clip of our day.

Our Club Members really enjoyed our tour of this unique site in Dearborn, located within eyesight of The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village.   For our lunch & meeting we had a short 5 minute drive, around the corner, to Ford's Garage  ....... located on Michigan Avenue / US-12 ----------------->


L-R Back Row: Joe Papai, Jerry Mitchell, Bev Ford, HB Calder, Jason Ford, HB's Friend-Fritz, Ray Swetman, Rich Mills, Scott & Lee Burgy & Gary Taylor.

L-R Front Row: Harvey Snitzer, Bill Krueger, Warren Godlew & Bill Peacocke.

CaptainVideo's YouTube video of our tour--------->

Our gang met on Saturday morning, March 17th, at The Henry Ford (Museum) in Dearborn. We purchased tickets and then boarded a bus for The Ford Rouge Factory Tour. We saw the popular Ford F-150 Pickup Truck being built. It was an awesome tour. After that, we went to the nearby Ford's Garage for lunch and our meeting. A BIG Thank You to our VP/Trip Director, Jim Pfleger, for arranging our fun day in Dearborn.

CaptainVideo's YouTube coverage of our event. ----->

Jim was a busy VP, selling 50/50 Tickets.                        Liz reached in to pick the winner.                    Jim hands Conrad his winnings. Congrats Connie !

The 2018 SDC Crossroads Zone Meet at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio on September 6-8 was a great success. The numbers are in: 56 Registrations with 90 Badged Attendees, 27 Studebakers & Avantis and 60 Banquet Seats made this meet a slightly smaller version of our 2014 Dundee CZM, also a great success. Enjoy the six Slide Shows (below) that provide a pictorial of those wonderful days in the country in NW Ohio.

Our annual WLEC Auction took place on November 12th at Downtown Toledo's Spaghetti Warehouse. There was a surprising low membership turnout (only 13 of us there). The Italian style cuisine was outstanding. Auctioneer Chuck Plymale did a great job of presenting the auction items. Thanks to Jim Pfleger for setting up this fun day for us.

These 19 photos are were taken on the show field, Riverside Park, Ypsilanti ----->

On August 29th, Warren, Jim, Harvey & Julie got together for a Goody-Bag lunch party.

A CaptainVideo YouTube video of our tour. ...... Enjoy !

The 2016 WLEC Christmas Party was held at Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant in Monroe, MI on Sunday December 4th. This was our first lunch & meeting at this facility. We had a quiet / private room and great table service. The main courses and desserts were excellent. We will most likely return there for a future event. Many thanks to Vida Parker for setting up this location for us.

A CaptainVideo Production.

A CaptainVideo YouTube Video of our day at the WDC.

22 Chapter Members attended the October 15th Fall Color Tour. Ed & Linda Costell did a super job of arranging our route and stops. We started the day with light showers at Cabela's in Dundee, drove to West Toledo's Secor Metropark, had a lunch & meeting at Sullivan's in Wauseon, then finished the tour at a restored Texaco Service Station in Delta, Ohio.

CaptainVideo's movie clip of our lunch at OGB.

On Saturday February 25th, twenty-three attendees gathered at Rose's Italian Restaurant in Canton Michigan for lunch, a meeting and a presentation. Spark Plug Collector / historic expert Bill Bond, of Ann Arbor, gave us a first class talk about the 150+ year history of spark plugs. His display cases were filled with a wide variety of examples. Our club members were amazed about what little they actually knew about this small, but very important, part in each of our classic cars. Many thanks to Bill for sharing his knowledge with us.

Saturday August 19th was a beautiful day on Old Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, MI. We "WOW'd" the big crowd with our line-up of 8 Avantis, 3 GT Hawks and a Champion Sedan. Our 12 vehicles caught the eye of many Dream Cruise guests who were not familiar with our brand of classic cars. But, we schooled them as we manned our "We Invented Cool!" recruitment table with our SDC 12' Feather Banner bringing them in.

17 WLEC Members gathered at the Harbor Inn & Ale in Monroe, adjacent to a nearby Lake Erie marina. This gathering was our annual Holiday Event. Attendees enjoyed the food and camaraderie prior to our meeeting and chapter officer elections. After that, Jim Pfleger (Alias, Alex Trebeck) led us thru a game of Automotive Jeopardy. Many thanks to Vida & Tom Parker for setting up the day at the Harbor Inn & Ale.

Chapter Activities

<-----------------          A CaptainVideo YouTube Video of our Thursday evening cruise to Archbold for dinner.

The entrance to our very private room was labeled with a greeting plaque. Cool, eh!              Dave sold 50/50 tkts to Steve & Jim.

The WLEC & NEMC SDC Chapters attended a joint event at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise. We were part of the 40,000 vehicles & 1,000,000+ attendees. A BIG thank you to Joe Papai who again worked his magic to obtain 15 parking spots for us on Old Woodward in Birmingham. We displayed 8 Avantis & 7 Studebakers to "WOW" the public again this year.               

Many thanks to our VP, Jim Pfleger, for arranging our chapter event on Thursday February 22nd in Chelsea, MI. Our group of 22 members & guests toured the Jiffy Mix Plant. The factory tour was very interesting. Next, we walked across the road to Los Tres Amigos Restaurant for a lunch and meeting. Thanks to member Dennis Berry for arranging this great eatery for us.

We started 2019 with a return to the Ocean Garden Buffet Asian Restaurant in Toledo on Sunday January 13th. It was a great way to start off the new year. The weather cooperated and we had a big turnout.

The WLEC attended the 23rd Annual Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday July 14th. We had 6 vehicles in our line-up parked on Liberty Street. The weather was perfect, in the low 80's with cloudy skies and a breeze. Plus, we were parked on the shady side of the street. Our club turnout was low but the fun factor was high for those who attended this great event.

A CaptainVideo clip of our visit to Ft Meigs.

On Saturday March 18th we gathered at the Loma Linda Mexican Restaurant in Swanton (West Toledo), Ohio for a lunch, meeting and guest presentation. South Bend residents Joe & Sharon Molner joined us for our lunch and meeting and then entertained us with stories about their relationships to Studebaker & Avanti. Joe was close friends with Mike Kelly, the owner of the (so far) last Avanti auto manufacturer. Sharon worked for many years at Studebaker.                   

A BIG thank you to Jim Pfleger for setting up this program for us.

Dick & Todd wasted no time hitting the buffet.                         Lee & Scott ........................   and Rita & Jim ........ and Craig & Dan enjoyed the day.

On Sunday June 24th, 20 WLEC Members met in Archbold, Ohio as a "preview" for our hosting of the 2018 SDC Crossroads Zone Meet in early September. We started the afternoon with a fun lunch at Mom's Diner. After lunch we relocated to the Sauder Heritage Inn parking lots to scope out the car show & tent & vendor parking areas. After that we moved inside for a chapter meeting and a close look at our banquet room where we will also be displaying items for our Silent Auction & Blind Raffle.

Julie won a Tin Can filled with popcorn snacks.            Jim & Rita picked up our cake at Sauder's Doughbox Bakery.                  Jim cuts the cake.

The 22nd Annual Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show in Depot Town's Riverside Park was an excellent event. There were 20 vehicles in the Mystery Cruise on Sept 15th, 3 Studebakers were in that group. The Show on Sunday the 16th was comprised of 230 registrants. This year's Studebaker class was the smallest in recent times with 20 of the 26 registered Studebakers & Avantis actually displayed on the show field.

We held our annual Spring Dust-Off on Saturday April 8th at historic Willow Run Airport's Yankee Air Museum. We had a sunny, cool, dry morning for our arrival. Eighteen members and guests toured the YAM. Jim, our docent, did an outstanding job of explaining the local civilian & military displays in the museum. After our tour we held a short meeting and then cruised to the nearby Cracker Barrel Restaurant for lunch.

Saturday May 19th in Ypsilanti was a forecasted to be a rainy day.  Luckily we experienced only a brief shower that barely affected our day. Eleven WLEC Members enjoyed a great lunch at Aubree's Restaurant in Depot Town-Ypsilanti. After lunch we conducted our meeting. Next, several of us (6 Members) drove an 1/8th mile west on Cross Street to tour the Michigan Firehouse Museum. 

Stinson Tent Raising & Lowering & Parker Banner Raising               Cruise to Mom's Diner via Wooden Covered Bridge & Forest

   Dick drew the winning 50/50 tkt.   Liz is shown handing over the cash to the winning ticket holder, Warren (our Treasurer ...... seems appropriate !!!).

On Father's Day, Sunday June 17th, the 31st annual Eyes on Design Car Show was held at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate at Grosse Pointe Shores. Several WLEC / AOAI Members displayed their cars there.

A CaptainVideo YouTube video of our day @OGB

Heidi & Mike enjoyed their lunch at OGB.                                                          Harvey & Jerry and Pam & Julie did too.

Dave selling 50/50 Tkts to Jerry.     Liz tells Chuck that he won the pot (Homer & Warren look happy too).   Time to pay for our great lunch.

On Saturday December 15th, twenty-one WLEC Members gathered for our Holiday Gala lunch & meeting in Downtown Toledo at The Spaghetti Warehouse. We had a private dining area and excellent waitress service. Happy Holidays !

Steve & Deb & Vida are seen making their food choices.             Jerry & Dave were seen doing the same.

CaptainVideo's Coverage of our tour at the YAM.

Member's Cars on display:  Scott & Lee Burgy's '80 Avanti II, Harvey & Julie Snitzer's '50 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe & '71 Avanti II, Conrad Zumhagen's '63 Studebaker R2 Avanti 4-Speed and Charlie Saganek's '48 Cadillac Coupe..

Harvey talked about an upgrade to our website (coming in April).    

Our Chapter Members spent Saturday afternoon November 12th at the Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant in Downtown Toledo. We enjoyed lunch, a chapter meeting and our annual Auction. Many of our 27 attendees had trouble getting to the restaurant as Toledo's Holiday Parade had many nearby streets blocked off. But, once the crowds cleared, we were able to make it to our gathering.

Awards Banquet in the Sauder Heritage Inn Lower Level                         Silent Auction / Raffle Ticket Sales and Drawing

On Saturday June 10th, fourteen of us met at the North42 Restaurant in MacRay Marina in Harrison Twp, MI. A BIG Thank You to Scott & Lee Burgy for setting up our restaurant and Air Museum visits. We had our lunch & meeting in a large room with a great view of the marina. The food was excellent. After our meeting, we followed the Burgys thru the Security Check at Selfridge ANG Base and onto our tour of the Air Museum. The volunteer staff there was very knowledgeable about all of the military items and aircraft at the museum.

Steve 's (CaptainVideo's) video of our Stude-Stories.

CaptainVideo's YouTube Auction Video.

The SDC Michiana Chapter held their annual Parts Swap Meet and Car Show at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds in South Bend Indiana on May 3-5, 2018. The WLEC manned a table at the entrance area of the large Vendors Building promoting their hosting of the Crossroads Zone Meet in Archbold, Ohio on September 6th & 7th.

Our Fall Color Tour & Poker Run took place on Sunday October 7th. We met at Cabela's in Dundee and then headed west on M-50, 13 miles, to Hayden Ford-Mill in Tecumseh, MI. Next we cruised west another 13 miles on M-50 to HLG (Hidden Lake Gardens) in Tipton, MI.  

HLG is a 755 acre botanical garden owned & maintained by Michigan State Univ. After our tour there, we drove back east 26 miles to Dundee for lunch & a meeting at the Great Lakes Eatery & Ale restaurant, just off of Cabela's Blvd. Thanks to Ed & Linda Costell for again organizing our annual Fall Event. 

Registration & Hospitality & 50/50                                                   Vendors & Car Show & Judging

CaptainVideo's YouTube Video of the Studebaker Pass-in-Review ------------ >

Steve (CaptainVideo), our President, and Liz, our VP, conducted our business meeting.

The WLEC started off 2018 with a lunch & meeting at our favorite Asian Restaurant, the Ocean Garden Buffet in Toledo on January 21st. It was nice to see everyone's smiling faces in this new year. During our meeting our Members were shown the final design of our T-Shirt (and Meet Logo) for the CZM in September in Archbold, Ohio.

Saturday April 14th was to be the start of our cruising season with our annual Spring Dust Off. But, Mother-Nature had other ideas. She provided heavy rain and a windy bone chilling 38 degrees. Needless to say, the weather affected our event turnout ..."0" Studebakers & 6 attendees at the Ft. Meigs Museum. We added 2 more members at our lunch at nearby Bob Evans Restaurant. We will have to plan a return to tour Ft. Meigs in warmer and dryer weather so that everyone can take in the entire experience of walking the grounds of the fort. Thanks to our VP, Jim Pfleger, for setting this event up for us and to the hearty soles who showed up.

Here is CaptainVideo's coverage of our Holiday Gala Luncheon.

Steve's (CaptainVideo) YouTube video of our Holiday Event.


On Saturday November 17th, 9 WLEC Members returned to Charlie's Restaurant in Toledo for lunch and a meeting and Studebaker story telling. We were last there in July and enjoyed the food and privacy in the back banquet room, hence our return.

A CaptaiVideo YouTube of our day.

We started off 2017 with a return to our favorite Asian Restaurant, The Ocean Garden Buffet in Toledo.  Twenty Members gathered on Sunday January 15th at 1 PM to partake in the amazing food selections at the OGB. After lunch there was a short meeting and then there was the Officer Elections, a carry over from the previous month.

The WLEC's July 14th tour of the JH Fentress Popcorn Museum was pleasing to the eyes & tastebuds as Jim Fentress popped us some corn to snack on. It was great to return and view the additions to this museum. Our last tour was over 5 years ago. Next we went to Charlie's for lunch and a meeting. Thanks to Jim Pfleger for arranging our great day in Holland & Toledo.

Here's a video of our event.

Thanks Steve (CaptainVideo)

The 21st Annual Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show, held in Riverside Park on September 17th,  had 250 registered entrants. That's up 10 from last year. However, the Studebaker/Avanti count dropped from 33 last year to 28 this year. One wonders why.  A similar situation exists with the Hudson class as it also had its lowest car count at 14 vehicles. Other classes have seen small count increases. The recent addition of Plymouth, Pontiac, Mercury & Oldsmobile cars has enabled this wonderful car show to continue to show some growth. This year, the weather was very July-like with the cars gleaming in the mid-80s sunshine. This year's  Mystery Cruise, on the 16th, also took place in dry Summer-like weather. More than 30 cars participated in the cruise to locations in the Monroe, Michigan area. 

On Saturday February 15th, twenty WLEC Members met in Dearborn Michigan to tour the Automotive Hall of Fame. Our Docent was very knowledgeable about the historic displays. After the tour we gathered at The Ford's Garage. We had a private room there for our lunch and meeting. The food and service there is top notch.

We plan to return there for a future club event.

The 53rd SDC Int'l Meet was held May 3-6, 2017 in South Bend, Indiana in conjunction with the annual swap meet there. The AOAI & ASC also held their annual conventions at the same time. This was the SDC's first Int'l Meet, since the 70's, to be a 4 day event instead of a full week. The weather was not the best as the meet started off with heavy rains and cold winds. The last two days were sunny and dry but very windy and cool. Most members said that it was a good event.

On Saturday October 15th WLEC Members took part in one of our chapter's very best Fall Color Tours. Members gathered at noon at the Dundee Old Mill Museum for a tour of one of Henry Ford's electrical automotive component plants. The tour continued thru Milan then onto Saline. Many thanks to Ed & Linda Costell for organizing this super chapter event.

                         Friends gathered at one of our club's favorite eateries and caught up on each others stories from the past year.

            Mel & Judy and Mark & Ron waited for lunch.                         Ron met & spoke with Sandra.     Steve videoed Sandra's story as TJ looks on.

December 3, 2017