Our President's Cars are featured here in a Slideshow. Harvey & Julie's '50 Champion Starlight Coupe and '71 Avanti II are seen at WLEC Events.

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             as told by Bob Elton to Steve Rohde.

Flashback Photos

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Happy Birthday Wishes today (9-8-18) for a grand old WWII US Navy Veteran, George Turpening of Toledo, Ohio. George is a Charter Member of the WLEC and a long time Studebaker owner.

Happy #94 George, and many more.

WLEC Members tour the SANGB U.S. Coast Guard Facility,        Sept 11th, 2014

Our next chapter event is a lunch & meeting on Saturday December 15th at Noon at The Spaghetti Warehouse in Toledo, Ohio.

Something new, from WLEC Member Bill Krueger .........

There Really Is A Free Lunch!

Well, a magazine actually.
I get a lot of magazines – mostly through subscription. Yes, as in I pay money.
Sometime last year, I received – snail mail or email, I really don’t remember – a solicitation for a free magazine. Yeah, sure. This magazine, REINCARNATION, is truly amazing! Of all my print magazines, it is my “Go To” magazine when I fetch the mail. Better still, it is web-based with periodic email updates! Yes, all free! I like free.

The magazine has a history. Don’t we all? About 15 years ago, a predecessor, Kit Car Builder, was founded by Jim Youngs, a good friend of REINCARNATION’s editor, Steve Temple. Upon Jim’s retirement, Steve acquired the publication and, as expected, made some changes. Steve’s new publication morphed into Car Builder, to more-accurately represent the preference of most folks who wanted a completed “kit car”. Fast forward, a trade magazine publisher approached Steve about selling the magazine. Thus, the birth of REINCARNATION. This magazine is web-based with a print copy.

I encourage you to take a look at the magazine - find it at,  www.rcnmag.com

Once you take a look at it, there you will find a place to request your print copy.

There’s more. The focus of this magazine is “continuation, replica, and low volume automobiles”.

Happy Reading, Bill                                                                              January 2018

         13 Years Ago

10-15-05 at The Piper's home on N Territorial Rd in Dexter, MI.

We are gathered, with directions in hand, as Dave & Donna describe our Color Tour driving route to Hell, MI.

Updated:  11-29-18 hs


Donna Piper flies the U.S. Air Force KC-135 Tanker mock-up simulator during our chapter's tour of The Yankee Air Museum at historic Willow Run Airport in Belleville, Michigan on April 16, 2011.

This great photo was taken 14 years ago (6-04-2004) at the Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show in Depot Town's Riverside Park.

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Our SDC Chapter was Chartered in 1981.The WLEC is generally located in the Toledo, Ohio - Detroit, Michigan areas.

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